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The Cake Debate

Wedding planning can often be stressful and sometimes even tedious, but there are some aspects that can, and should, be fun. Although it’s not always a piece of cake, selecting a cake is one of those decisions that should be fun for the couple. Before deciding on the perfect cake there are a few important things to consider. The great debate couples face when it comes to cake choices is which is more important: How the cake tastes or how the cake looks?


The answer to this question is both, the look and the taste of the cake are equally important.

There are three easy steps to follow to ensure that your wedding cake is both tasty and easy on the eyes:

  1. Choose a style
  2. Choose a flavor
  3. Choose a bakery

The first two steps go hand-in-hand. When selecting a style, consider other aspects of the wedding such as venue, menu, color scheme, time of year, flowers, and even the bride’s gown. The style of the cake should fit seamlessly into the other style components of the wedding. To select a flavor, visit different bakeries and taste and sample different cakes. These appointments are not only a great opportunity to take a day off of that strict wedding diet, but also to speak with bakers, ask questions, gather more information, and ultimately find out exactly what they are able to do for you.

Once the style and flavor have been decided on, the next step is to choose a bakery that can marry those two aspects and serve up your dream cake!

A common myth among wedding cakes is that the cake is more for show than it is for taste. This myth might hold true in other places, but fortunately on the Crystal Coast there are bakers that can provide a cake that looks beautiful on the display table as well as tastes delicious on the guests’ plates.

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