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Fall Wedding Trends Look Better on the Crystal Coast

fall wedding

Beach weddings are typically associated with the summer time, but as the season begins to change, brides will soon learn to fall in love with the idea of an autumn wedding. Here are our favorite fall wedding trends and why they’re better on the Crystal Coast.

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A Guide to Choosing Budget Friendly Bouquets

wedding-flowers, bouquets

One of the most striking decorative features of any wedding is the flowers. From bouquets to tables capes, wedding flowers can have quite the impact on your wedding day. Selecting the perfect option for your style and budget can be difficult, but knowing the proper steps to take when deciding can help you decide and…

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Crystal Coast Inspired Color Schemes for Your 2016 Wedding

Picking out your wedding colors can be a tricky task sometimes; brides want the colors to represent them well, complement the venue, and exude the right feelings. When you drive up and down The Crystal Coast, it’s practically impossible to not be inspired by the beauty that’s around you from the natural scenery to the historic buildings.…

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The Number 1 Thing Brides Forget to Plan

Crystal Coast Tents and Events is the name in equipment rentals for Crystal Coast Weddings, and with over 2000 weddings under their belt, Chris and Heather have seen it all. In his seventh year with the company, Chris now sees at least one wedding every weekend, and takes pride in serving an integral role in…

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How to Pick Wedding Colors

When picking the right color palette for your wedding, it helps to take things one step at a time. First things first: location. The wedding professionals at The Boathouse at Front Street Village know a thing or two about setting up the perfect venue. With weddings nearly every weekend, they have seen weddings of every color,…

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