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Fall Wedding Trends Look Better on the Crystal Coast

fall wedding

Beach weddings are typically associated with the summer time, but as the season begins to change, brides will soon learn to fall in love with the idea of an autumn wedding. Here are our favorite fall wedding trends and why they’re better on the Crystal Coast.

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Your Guide to Signature Cocktails


The best part of attending a wedding is the open bar, right? When building the perfect open bar, it’s important to consider everyone’s tastes, so why not make your open bar even better by treating your guests to signature cocktails? For your signature drink, you’ll want to create something that showcases both the love you…

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Making the Perfect Wedding Playlist

You’ve gotten your florist, baker, dress, and caterer set; everything looks perfect. But wait! You forgot the DJ. With your budget running a little low, a fear that you may not find the right DJ for your tastes, and a world full of music for every taste, a personal playlist seems like the perfect, time-saving…

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6 New Ways to Cater Your Reception

Let’s be honest, sometimes weddings can seem a little repetitive, especially in the summer when countless couples are marrying each other weekend after weekend. An easy way to help your wedding stand out amongst the crowd is to play up your reception with fun and delicious food.

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A Guide to Choosing Budget Friendly Bouquets

wedding-flowers, bouquets

One of the most striking decorative features of any wedding is the flowers. From bouquets to tables capes, wedding flowers can have quite the impact on your wedding day. Selecting the perfect option for your style and budget can be difficult, but knowing the proper steps to take when deciding can help you decide and…

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