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Your Guide to Outdoor Wedding Venues on The Crystal Coast

When getting married on the Crystal Coast, brides can’t help but consider an outdoor wedding. The beautiful scenery provides the perfect backdrop for any couple tying the knot. From Historic sites to waterfront views, The Crystal Coast has a perfect outdoor venue for every type of bride.

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#Hashtag Know-How

As social media use has grown in recent years, countless couples have found ways to incorporate new platforms into their special day. Couples today are spinning their creative wheels and brainstorming in order to create a unique and creative #hashtag for their guests to use throughout their wedding festivities. Hashtags are often clever phrases that incorporate…

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How to Pick The Perfect DJ

The best weddings have memorable wedding receptions, and the key to making sure yours is a night no one will forget is making sure that guests stay well entertained. Some reports even find that the success of a wedding relies 80% on the entertainment. Hiring a great DJ is a fast track to keeping your…

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Crystal Coast Inspired Color Schemes for Your 2016 Wedding

Picking out your wedding colors can be a tricky task sometimes; brides want the colors to represent them well, complement the venue, and exude the right feelings. When you drive up and down The Crystal Coast, it’s practically impossible to not be inspired by the beauty that’s around you from the natural scenery to the historic buildings.…

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This Magical Engagement Shoot Was A Family Affair

Capture the Journey Photography – There’s something about Christina Mitchell’s photography that just makes every moment look nothing short of magical. Maybe it’s the evergreen beauty of her family farm on White Oak River, where many of her photo shoots take place, the warm glow of a Carolina afternoon, or her knack for making every couple…

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