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Crystal Coast Bridal Alliance

Your Guide to Signature Cocktails


The best part of attending a wedding is the open bar, right? When building the perfect open bar, it’s important to consider everyone’s tastes, so why not make your open bar even better by treating your guests to signature cocktails? For your signature drink, you’ll want to create something that showcases both the love you and your new spouse share, and something that everyone will think is delicious. Deciding on customizing your signature drink can be difficult from top to bottom, but here’s a few tips to get you started:

  1. Consult a Professional
    You and your fiancé may have different liquor tastes, but after sitting down with your bartender and planning for your special day, you’ll be able to decide on a drink that perfectly reflects both of you. Floyd’s 1921 has an amazing bartending team that can help you create the perfect menu and signature cocktail, and Promise’ Land  Market in downtown Morehead City can help pick out a variety of signature wines and beers.
  1. Think of the Perfect Name
    After choosing the perfect cocktail, a creative name is essential. When getting married on the Crystal Coast, consider some of these cocktails:

“Sea Foam & Gems”- Champagne and berries

“Something Blue” – Blueberry Mojito

“Bloody Marry”

“White Sand Beach” – White Russian

“Mint to Be Julep” – Mint Julep

“Queen Anne’s Revenge” – Rum Punch

“Deep Tan in a Glass” – Godiva martini

“Honeymoon Sunrise” – Tequila Sunrise

“Vows on the Beach” – Sex on the Beach

“Married off Margarita” – Classic Marg

  1. Go for the Variety
    Maybe you don’t want to have a signature cocktail, but rather a signature cocktail list. When working with a list of cocktails, it’s important to include the classics and maybe a few originals. This will be fun for you and your guests to try every cocktail on the menu!

Deciding on the perfect signature cocktail for your wedding is one of the most fun parts of planning. No beach wedding is complete without the perfect cocktails. The Crystal Coast Bridal Alliance can help you connect with vendors and gain inspiration to have the best wedding paired with the perfect open bar.

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