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Get Married in Emerald Isle

get-married-in-emerald-isle-crystal-coastGet Married in Emerald Isle

Ask anyone why you should get married in Emerald Isle, and the reason is clear: beach weddings! Emerald Isle is the destination on the Crystal Coast for dream beach weddings, providing a breathtaking backdrop of the blue sky and sparkling water. Did you know that the town’s name was coined in 1954 when the original land owner was flying over the island and took note of the beautiful emerald-colored waters? If you’re looking for proof of the area’s beauty, you’ll find it in the work of wedding photographer and Emerald Isle native, Ellen LeRoy.

Visit Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle is famous for its waves and surfing atmosphere. Along the water, you’ll find beautiful shells, surfers, fisherman, and quiet beachgoers enjoying the sound of rolling waves. With a sidewalk that runs nearly the entire length of the island, Emerald Isle is the perfect place for runners, bikers, or just a casual stroll. The St. Patrick’s Day Festival is Emerald Isle’s largest community gathering, and one of many, featuring food, crafts, amusement rides, and a road race for all to enjoy.

Meet the Locals

Two of our favorite Crystal Coast Photographers both hail from Emerald Isle. Click the photos to browse their latest work.

chad-winstead-photography-crystal-coast-bridal-alliance ellen-leroy-crystal-coast-bridal



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