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Get Married Down East

get-married-on-the-crystal-coast-down-eastGet Married Down East

Founded in the 1700’s, the area locals lovingly refer to as “Down East” is actually comprised of 15 communities, including Bettie, Otway, Straits, Harker’s Island, Gloucester, Marshallberg, Tusk, Smyrna, Williston, Davis, Stacy, Masontown, Sealevel, Atlantic, and Cedar Island. All of these unique places are filled with amazing views of wetlands, farms, forests, and marshes. Located 8 miles from Beaufort, North Carolina, Down East is a great place for a wedding that is centered around nature and heritage.

Harker’s Island is home of the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum and Heritage Center, where you can learn more about the history of these tight knit communities and see local art and customs such as duck carving. Each winter, this museum sponsors the annual Core Sound Decoy Festival, celebrating an art that used to be a way of life. Harker’s Island is also your last stop on the way to the Cape Lookout National Seashore. At any given time of day or night, you may see the circling light from the Cape beaming at the islands. The National Park Service allows camping on many parts of the banks, which offers an unparalleled closeness to the serene wildlife of the Crystal Coast.

No matter where you plan your wedding Down East, you’re sure to have your choice of incredible views, including quiet marshland or crashing waves on the oceanside of Harker’s Island. Start planning now by browsing the most comprehensive list of wedding vendors on the Crystal Coast!


Wild ponies on the banks


Cape Lookout National Seashore