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Crystal Coast Bridal Alliance


All Crystal Coast Bridal Alliance members are required to follow our Membership Rules. We believe in our wedding professional community and strive for success in a supportive and ethical manner, all while growing, challenging and inspiring each other. By joining our alliance, you accept all responsibility and agree to the Crystal Coast Bridal Alliance’s membership rules.


  1. TERM. This agreement will commence upon payment of dues by member (hereafter, “You” / “Your”) and shall continue for twelve months thereafter. This agreement shall not be in force until accepted by Crystal Coast Bridal Alliance (hereafter, “CCBA”) which reserves the right to cancel this agreement without further obligations under this contract, or for cause if You have failed to pay as agreed or if You fail to perform any material term or condition of this agreement. Member shall pay a fee of $20 for any check presented for payment that is returned by the bank, and a fee of $20 for any late payment.
  2. CODE OF ETHICS. You must adhere to the CCBA Code of Ethics, which guides the business practices of all members and helps ensure adherence to the principles upon which CCBA is based. It is understood that You are familiar with its contents and will uphold each of the Articles and pledges it contains. You acknowledge that membership may be terminated without any refund, should CCBA determine in its sole discretion that You have violated any aspect of the Code. CCBA will always seek to address any such matters directly with you in order to have full information before a termination hearing occurs.
  3. LICENSES. You shall be required to obtain and keep in force any & all licenses for operation of your business.
  4. LOGO. You are permitted to utilize the CCBA logo in your advertising, letterhead, business cards, and signage. Artwork of the logo is available free of charge to you; the logo must not be altered in any fashion. The use of the CCBA logo must be discontinued immediately upon lapse in, non-renewal or termination of membership. 
  5. LIABILITY AND INSURANCE. CCBA is not responsible or liable in any way for any injury to person or property, loss or damage of any kind, sustained by You, your employees or any other person by reason of fire, theft, water, accident, or negligence of CCBA or any of its servants, agents or employees or any other cause whatsoever, except in cases of gross or sole negligence or willful misconduct. It is further understood that You will indemnify and hold harmless CCBA from damages, loss, cost or expense, including costs of defense and reasonable attorney fees of any and all kind arising out of sole or contributing negligence of You, your employees, servants or agents, or CCBA, or otherwise.
  6. MISCELLANEOUS. (A) All matters & questions not covered herein are subject to decision of CCBA. Should either party resort to litigation or any form of alternative dispute resolution relating to this event under terms of this contract, parties agree that jurisdiction, venue and choice of law shall be in the State of North Carolina, Carteret County. (B) Any member needing assistance relating to a disability must contact CCBA no later than 30 days prior to a CCBA hosted event. (C) CCBA reserves the right to use photos and/or video taken of You, your employees, and agents for publicity purposes.
Any alliance member whom does not abide by the set membership rules will have their membership revoked. Membership fees are non-refundable.