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How to Pick Wedding Colors

When picking the right color palette for your wedding, it helps to take things one step at a time. First things first: location. The wedding professionals at The Boathouse at Front Street Village¬†know a thing or two about setting up the perfect venue. With weddings nearly every weekend, they have seen weddings of every color, but the best are inspired by the Beaufort Waterfront, where the Boathouse sits. The natural landscape of the area creates the perfect backdrop for a bright, colorful wedding. So how would a bride go about choosing those colors? The Boathouse is here on the blog to teach us how to pick wedding colors¬†inspired by America’s Coolest Small Town.


A panoramic view of Taylor’s Creek in Beaufort from the upper deck of the Boathouse at Front Street Village.

Inspired by: Beaufort’s Flag

color pallette

Walk around Historic Downtown Beaufort, voted America’s Coolest Small Town by Travel Magazine, and you’ll see these colors everywhere you go. Even the Cottages at Front Street Village, nestled behind the Boathouse, feature the famous palette. Choose these shades for your wedding and your bridal party will look as rich and colorful as our bustling community.

Inspired by: Historic Homes


While most of the homes in Beaufort’s Historic District are painted a traditional white, they are by no means boring. Your wedding colors shouldn’t be, either. These hues bring to mind a traditional, down-home feel. We were inspired by the beautiful homes on Ann Street, with their beautiful landscaping and inviting front porches.

Inspired by: Local Treasures


You should never be afraid to bring bright, fun colors into your wedding, just like we aren’t afraid to fill our home town with orange kayaks, turquoise adirondack chairs, our red double-decker tour bus, and the brightest white motor boats. Encourage your bridesmaids to each wear a different color dress in your chosen palette, bringing new life and personality into your special day. You’ll be sure to pop against the crowd in a flowing white gown.

Inspired by: Beaufort in Bloom


If you think blooming flowers are only for the spring, think again. One of the best parts about this small town is that it stays in bloom for the better part of the year. The Historic District is lined with trees and locally-planted gardens. Draw inspiration for your wedding from the budding plants and old stone pathways that wind around them.

If you’re looking for a wedding venue in the quaint town of Beaufort, explore the many accommodations offered by the Boathouse at Front Street Village, and take a look at all of our talented wedding vendors who cater to the Crystal Coast.

The Crystal Coast Bridal Alliance is dedicated to providing brides the most comprehensive list of wedding professionals on the Crystal Coast. Whether you’re a local looking to take a step towards getting organized with your planning, or you’ve set your sights on a destination wedding by the water, you can browse our list of vendors or let the professionals come to you. Start planning your dream wedding on the Crystal Coast here.

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