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Fall Wedding Trends Look Better on the Crystal Coast

Beach weddings are typically associated with the summer time, but as the season begins to change, brides will soon learn to fall in love with the idea of an autumn wedding. Here are our favorite fall wedding trends and why they’re better on the Crystal Coast.

fall wedding

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Pumpkins –

If you have a fall wedding but don’t decorate with pumpkins, did you even get married? Pumpkins are a fall staple and luckily, they can work beautifully into your beach wedding decorations too. Pumpkins can be painted, carved, and/or covered in glitter. Use white or pale pumpkins to work with the natural color scheme of the sand and shells you can find on the beach or add a unique splash of color with bright orange pumpkins or deep green gourds.

Sweet Favors –

Is your fall wedding inspired by Carrot Island? Serve up a delicious spiced carrot cake with a rich cream cheese frosting! Make the most of apple season with mini apple pies. When it comes to the dessert table, make as many excuses as you can to serve up your favorite fall treats!

Craft Paper Décor –

The use of craft paper is becoming increasingly popular in weddings, but the fall is when we really see a spike in this trend. The contrast of delicate lace atop structured paper gives your wedding a rustic edge. This trend is perfect for a Crystal Coast fall wedding as it plays up the simple, country towns that line our coast. Craft paper can be used as table cloths, to create hanging pom-poms, or to tie up your wedding favors. There are so many possibilities when using craft paper, brides can’t go wrong!

Fall Wedding Colors –

The deep emeralds and burgundies that we see during the fall season pair perfectly with the clear water and light sands you can find on the Crystal Coast. Contrast those colors with burnt orange or mustard yellow for the perfect eye catching color palette for your wedding day.

Stay Warm –

While the cool breezes are a life saver in the summer, in the fall they can quickly make your guests uncomfortable. Store flannel blankets in an area that guests can quickly find so that they can bundle up with their loved ones as you say “I do.” During your cocktail hour, opt for serving Hot Toddies and Spiked Hot Chocolates instead of crisp, refreshing mojitos. After all, it’s true what they say: “warm drinks, warmer hearts!”

No matter what season you’ll be tying the knot, the Crystal Coast Bridal Alliance is your go-to site for information on wedding vendors on the Crystal Coast.

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