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Fall 2015 Engagement Ring Trend Report

The 2015 Wedding Report is in, and DP Jewelry Designs is helping us debut the new shapes and settings that will stand apart from your typical, everyday engagement ring. If you want her to say yes, you’ll need something that stands out from the crowd, something that is just as unique as the love you share. Our friends at DP have 3 new engagement ring trends that are just as distinctively beautiful as the Crystal Coast.

Engagement Ring Report

Jewelry trends tend to coincide with fashion trends, so just as you’re seeing the same fashion from the 80’s roaming the dp-jewelry-engagement-ring-crystal-coast-bridal-alliancestreets today, you’ll probably see the same engagement rings. In the hairspray decade, marquise diamond ruled the day. Now, they’re back, but with a twist in the setting. Laterally set marquise diamonds, also known as the “East West Marquise,” are a top engagement ring trend for 2015.

dp-jewelers-engagement-ring-crystal-coast-bridal-allianceAnother style that we’re seeing a lot of is the pear cut. It started as a celebrity trend and really took off from there. The asymmetrical shape has been seen all over Instagram, wedding magazines, style blogs, and more, but how do Crystal Coast brides feel about the cut? In a survey by The Wedding Report, most respondents weren’t familiar with the cut or weren’t sure if they would like it, and most others had only ever seen them online. But one thing’s for sure: they are on their way back.


dp-jewelry-designs-crystal-coast-bridal-alliance-engagement-ringsSince 2012, halo settings have been an unstoppable engagement ring trend. The setting amplifies the center diamond by creating a grand backdrop that costs less without the cost of a larger diamond. But the trend has gotten tired, of course, over time. Now, the same dramatic effect is coming back with a vengeance in the form of the modified halo: a setting that frames three stones instead of one.

If you’re ready to pop that most-important question, make an appointment with DP Jewelry Designs for an engagement ring consultation, browse our blog to find ideas for a creative and memorable proposal, and start planning your wedding with us! The Crystal Coast Bridal Alliance is an organization dedicated to promoting the Crystal Coast as a premier wedding destination, where brides can find all the resources they need to plan their dream beach wedding. If you’re interested in becoming a preferred Bridal Alliance vendor, visit our membership page to learn more about the alliance!

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