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#Hashtag Know-How

As social media use has grown in recent years, countless couples have found ways to incorporate new platforms into their special day. Couples today are spinning their creative wheels and brainstorming in order to create a unique and creative #hashtag for their guests to use throughout their wedding festivities. Hashtags are often clever phrases that incorporate the couple’s names or other elements that are custom to their relationship.#hashtag picture

A cohesive hashtag allows everyone to connect and see parts of the wedding they may not see otherwise, like the bridal party getting their hair done or the groomsmen doing a final toast. Wedding hashtags are also a great way to include guests who were unable to attend, making it easy to be a part of the fun even though they are not physically there. Finally, the newly married couple can search the hashtag after-the-fact and have all of their pictures easily accessible and in one place.

In addition to hashtags, another fun social media-oriented idea for couples to offer at weddings is custom Snapchat filters. Users can upload their own unique artwork, set a specific time and location for the filter to be available, and purchase all on

Some couples may find incorporating a hashtag or geofilter into their wedding to be cute and catchy, while others may find the idea cheesy. The best thing to do is weigh the pros and cons, openly talk with your partner and/or planner about the idea, and ultimately determine what you think works best for you! If hashtags and geofilters are a little too modern for you, and you prefer the traditional feel of a wedding, perhaps you could consider a tech-free wedding. There’s benefits to either options, and with a wedding taking place on the Crystal Coast, your day is guaranteed to be a #success.

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