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6 New Ways to Cater Your Reception

Let’s be honest, sometimes weddings can seem a little repetitive, especially in the summer when countless couples are marrying each other weekend after weekend. An easy way to help your wedding stand out amongst the crowd is to play up your reception with fun and delicious food.

Wedding Reception

1. Brunch

If you’re looking for a unique twist to your reception, catering a brunch is a perfect option to consider. Usually taking place between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., a morning reception will typically set a natural and comfortable tone to your wedding. Brunch is an opportunity to have a selection of interactive food stations like gourmet crepes, omelet selections, a waffle bar, and much more. A brunch reception also calls for morning cocktails! It is a great way for your guests to mingle while enjoying sipping on a delightful mimosa or Bellini.

2. Class up your Childhood Favorites

This is a fun way to upscale the comfort food that couples may have enjoyed so much as younger children. For example, if your fiancé’s childhood favorite was Mac ‘N’ Cheese, create a lavish version combined with lobster. Favored by the bride and groom, incorporating personalized dishes is an excellent way to combine personality into the catered food.

3. Make it Mini

Rather than large plates that offer a main course with side dishes, why not create a selection of mini foods? Mini foods are rapidly trending within wedding events and offer your guests a diverse culinary experience of unique little bites. Miniature selections can offer a delicious variety of endless possibilities such as mini burger sliders, shrimp cocktails, fruit cups, or chicken tacos. An assortment of options will allow your guests to be satisfied while indulging in their miniature wedding bites.

4. Specialty Cocktails

Specialty cocktails are a great way to liven up a wedding celebration. These drinks can be specifically designed to fit the personality of a wedding couple or highlight their preferences. Perhaps your loved one enjoys whiskey. This would be a great opportunity to offer a drink such as whiskey lemonade that goes perfectly with your summer wedding. You can get really creative by designating a drink based on wedding traditions such as “something blue.” Rather than blue jewelry, how about make it about your drink instead? Blueberry mojitos are a refreshing twist on the traditional idea.

5. Dessert Bar

Add a little personality to your wedding by incorporating a vibrant and delicious assortment of desserts to satisfy your guests’ sugar cravings! Ranging from chocolate-mouse cups to berry tartlets, a variety of delicious options will cater to each individual’s needs.

6. Help Yourself

Giving your guests a selection for them to chose from allows for a more personalized reception. Rather than the traditional R.S.V.P steak or chicken options given to your guests, a buffet reception can be a favorable alternative. A service style such as this also promotes mingling and interacting among guests.

The Crystal Coast Bridal Alliance is happy to partner with restaurants like Floyd’s 1921 to provide our brides with the best experience possible. Contact our local vendors and start prepping your menu today!

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