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5 Must-Have Wedding Photos

Wedding photos are arguably the most important part of any wedding, besides the beautiful union between two people, of course! Brides take a lot of time choosing wedding photographers because there is truth in the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Wedding photos capture special memories. To help you achieve the most memory-filled photo album, we’ve compiled a list of 5 must have shots to request from your photographer.


First Look

Not the groom’s first look, but the dad’s. This candid photo will capture feelings on a scale of joy to heartbreak as the father sees his precious girl all grown up and ready to be given away. There is a special bond between fathers and their daughters and this moment is one that should be cherished forever.

The Details

Many brides spend months planning every small detail of their wedding day, ask your photographer to get some photos that capture the time and effort spent planning everything out. Whether that’s a specific table setting, a handmade cake topper, or a family heirloom added to your dress. Whatever your details may be, make sure to ask for photos of them.

All in the Family

Marriage is about unity and what better way to portray your new extended family than by taking a photo together. Whether you prefer a more serious, refined take on wedding photos or want to portray a more relaxed tone, there are many ways to include your new family. Try a shot of each set of parents along with the newlyweds or gather every member of each family in attendance and snap a crowded picture with a super-wide angle or fish-eye lens.

Pre-ceremony “liquid courage”

Amongst the other getting ready photos, be sure to get creative with photos of champagne toasts in the bridal quarters and glasses of whiskey for the groom and groomsmen. These photos can capture the essence of the “before-the-ceremony” nerves you might have and years later will help you recall the conversations had at that moment.


If you look past the couple, you will see many tear-filled eyes throughout the day. Ask your photographer to get photos of your parents, bridal party, and other guests and their reactions to special moments like the exchange of rings and the first dance. Years later, it will be nice to look back and see the love and support you were surrounded by on your special day.

Once you have expressed your must-have photos, allow your photographer to run free with creativity to capture the essence of your wedding day. The Bridal Alliance is happy to partner with many photographers on the Crystal Coast that will provide you with excellent service and outstanding products.

Our photographers include:

Ellen LeRoy, Chad Winstead Photography,

Capture the Journey Photography, Beaufort Photography Co.

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