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A Guide to Choosing Budget Friendly Bouquets

One of the most striking decorative features of any wedding is the flowers. From bouquets to tables capes, wedding flowers can have quite the impact on your wedding day. Selecting the perfect option for your style and budget can be difficult, but knowing the proper steps to take when deciding can help you decide and cut some of the cost.

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  1. Determine Your Budget
    By crunching numbers and figuring what you have to spend on flowers before making any decisions will save you from being disappointed in the long run. Once you know what you are working with, think about  “must have” flowers and “wish list” items and account for those. Having a budget does not mean stunning floral arrangements at your wedding are impossible, it just means you have to get creative. Combine creativity with color choice and seasonal consideration and you will have show-stopping flower arrangements without going over budget.
  1. Colors of Flowers
    The color of flowers is important since they need to complement the overall color scheme of the wedding.  Inspiration for color can come from anything, but what better than the Crystal Coast itself? Our guide to color schemes based on the Crystal Coast is the perfect place to start for creativity in the color department. The bridal gown, the wedding party’s outfits, the theme, and even the location must all be taken into account when cultivating an amazing color scheme.
  1. Consider the Season
    Gorgeous flowers are grown all year round, so no matter what season your wedding is occurring in there are beautiful blossoms to be found. One of the most cost effective ways to save on flowers is to pick options based on seasonal availability. In addition to cutting costs, seasonal flowers are often fresher. Knowing what is in season is just another way to narrow down the seemingly intimidating amount of options that exist when it comes to finding flowers for your wedding.

Combining your dream color scheme with seasonal availability is the easiest way to select the best floral arrangements for your wedding without breaking the bank. Luckily, our friends at ProFlowers have a new tool that features a flowers by season  chart showcasing the availability of 75 popular wedding flowers, while simultaneously narrowing selections based on colors and seasons.

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