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Crystal Coast Inspired Color Schemes for Your 2016 Wedding

Picking out your wedding colors can be a tricky task sometimes; brides want the colors to represent them well, complement the venue, and exude the right feelings. When you drive up and down The Crystal Coast, it’s practically impossible to not be inspired by the beauty that’s around you from the natural scenery to the historic buildings. We here at the Bridal Alliance took note of our picturesque surroundings and have put together some Crystal Coast inspired color schemes for our brides to consider.

Carrot Island


This first color scheme is inspired by the scenery and wildlife you can find on Carrot Island, the nearly untouched island across the creek from Beaufort.  A popular destination for photographers, Carrot Island is inhabited by wild, copper colored ponies that run along it’s unspoiled beaches. Warm and cool tones marry together perfectly to make up this color palate that will bring life and movement into your special day. Jump on the ferry to go across Taylor’s Creek and explore this incredible place.Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 11.22.26 AM

Big Rock Landing


Wedding Rentals by Crystal Coast Tents and Events

The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament has an important cultural role here on the Crystal Coast, and luckily, it’s color palate is perfect for nautical weddings. Looking at the Blue Marlin, brides can draw a lot of inspiration for their wedding colors. The deep navy contrasted with the bright white accents and a touch of gold and glitter will bring a certain depth to your décor. Any sports fisherman or Morehead City native won’t be able to resist this look. Find these rentals from Crystal Coast Tents and Events.Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 12.17.06 PM


Emerald Isle


Appearing from the birds-eye view as a solid green gem in the middle of a sea of sparkling water, Emerald Isle serves as the perfect muse for any bride deciding on wedding colors. The Hunter green in this palate is the focal point, inspired not only by the name of the beach but also the sea turtles you can find along the shore. I recommend a bouquet of lush white hydrangeas alongside bits of baby’s breath and dark greenery like ruscus leaves.


Pine Knoll Sunset


Photography by Ellen LeRoy

Every sunset in Pine Knoll Shores is magical.  This nude-toned palate speaks to naturalist brides who want to keep it simple while still adding brightness and warmth. The peach toned color, along with “Sunset” provide the base, nodding directly to the sun, and the addition of “Champagne” adds a hint of sparkle that captures the sense of the sun’s reflection off the water. See more photography by Ellen LeRoy hereNUDES


Want more inspiration? Here’s another post to help you get inspired by our towns. The Crystal Coast Bridal Alliance is dedicated to providing brides the most comprehensive list of wedding professionals on the Crystal Coast. Whether you’re a local looking to take a step towards getting organized with your planning, or you’ve set your sights on a destination wedding by the water, you can browse our list of vendors or let the professionals come to you. Start planning your dream wedding on the Crystal Coast here.

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