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11 Things to Do After You Get Engaged

Congratulations on your engagement! Are you ready to start planning your Crystal Coast wedding? Before you get too ahead of yourself, here’s a list of what needs to get taken care of first. Follow along, stay relaxed, and enjoy being engaged. Crystal Coast Bridal will take care of the rest. Here are the first 11 things to do after you get engaged.

Ellen LeRoy Photography, Crystal Coast Bridal Alliance

Wedding Photography by Ellen LeRoy.

  1. Call the most important people. It’s important to share the big news with your inner circle before posting anything to social media, no matter how tempting that may be. Your high school math teacher shouldn’t know before your grandma.
  2. Get your ring insured. It may not be the most romantic task, but you’ll be glad you took care of business if you ever drop your engagement ring down the garbage disposal.
  3. Get a manicure. All eyes will be on your left hand for the next few weeks, so splurge on a professional manicure before you show off your new sparkler.
  4. Take time to enjoy the moment. Being engaged is about more than planning a wedding. It’s about preparing to spend the rest of your life with your soul mate. Take time to savor how epically romantic that is before you get down to the details.
  5. Make planning fun! The bride isn’t the only one with big ideas. Share the planning with your fiancé by looking at ideas on Pinterest and seeing what you are both drawn to. Plan meal tastings, and exploring beautiful venues as a group activity so you can share those fun adventures with each other.
  6. Know your budget. Rather than starting with a dollar amount, start with a guest list. Start hashing out who absolutely must be by your side on your wedding day. It’ll help you determine how much you absolutely have to spend to accommodate all those people (appropriately sized venue and the right amount of food). Then, you can decide how much you have to play with once the necessities are taken care of.
  7. Pick a date. Have a range or a couple of options in mind just in case your ideal venue, caterer, etc. can’t accommodate your first choice. If you’re planning on having a destination wedding, keep weather in mind.
  8. Hire the pros. Browse our list of vendors to find wedding professionals on the Crystal Coast who fit your exact needs and can help you make your dream beach wedding a reality.
  9. Explore your venue options. Your venue will influence every decision you make, from your color scheme to the style of your dress, so lock it down early. Don’t be afraid to think beyond the banquet hall. Any location can be turned into a beautiful ceremony or reception space with the right help.
  10. Stay organized. Set a timeline for getting everything done so that, come wedding week, you can stay fully relaxed.
  11. Book in-demand vendors early. Brides often forget officiants, photographers, bands and DJ’s are usually booked months, if not years in advance. Check them off your list early to secure your date.

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